Crystal Healing in Brighton and Hove

Crystal healing is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine practice that uses semi-precious stones and crystals such as quartz, agate, amethyst, or opals. Adherents of the practice claim that these have healing powers, but there is no scientific basis for this claim.

In times of uncertainty, many of us look for ways to be more mindful, to calm anxiety and stress, so alternative therapies like crystal healing are coming to the fore. The concept of using crystals to heal has been around for centuries

The proposed healing benefits of crystals predominantly surround areas of mental wellbeing; including feelings of increased tranquility, positivity, and focus, as well as enhanced immunity and pain relief.

Individual crystals are also known to have their own special energies that align to different areas of your life, with their shape and colour, as well as their type, affecting their influence.

Crystal healing has been around since the beginning of mankind's existence. The ancient therapy works with the natural power of crystals and gemstones to help improve health and well-being. Crystal healing is used worldwide and helps us to restore our stressful lives.

Crystal healing classes help students understand crystals and their properties, the meanings of crystals, and how they work. Students will be shown how to cleanse crystals and use them in ways that will benefit their mental and physical well-being.

Crystal Healing is available at Revitalise although it is not available to book online. Please contact Revitalise Brighton Reception on 01273 710855 or email or Revitalise Hove Reception on 01273 738389 or email to make a booking.