Hot Stone Massage in Brighton and Hove

Smooth hot black stones held in the therapist's hands. These stones are placed on energy points along the torso and sometimes along the scalp. Having applied gently-heated essential oils, our therapists use their hands to guide the stones along the skin, working deeper into the muscles than is often possible in a conventional deep tissue massage or a Swedish massage. This is the ultimate massage experience: warm volcanic stones are used to massage and relax your body whilst chilled marble stones flush away muscle tension.

A wonderfully tranquil massage on the back, neck, and shoulders will ease away all tension, knots, and stress to complete the treatment.

Hot Stone Massage - Warmed volcanic rocks massage away life’s tensions and draw you into a truly deep state of meditative relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage: 90 Minutes - A wonderfully relaxing, warming full body massage using hot stones to massage your body.

Choose your pressure massage, either Swedish or Deep Tissue. This is a perfect pampering session- the heat from the stones really warms up the muscles so your therapist can really get into those knots and help you feel better.

Call 01273 710855 to book, or use the links below to book online.

When you book online, it is free, easy & takes only a few minutes. You can book from the comfort of your own home or from your office at the time that suits you:

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  3. Then select your massage and book. It’s easy 🙂