Corporate Yoga & Pilates Classes

Pilates is a series of exercises that focus on the correct alignment of the body to optimise gently building strength in the deep lower abdominals (which often get overlooked in core work), maximise mobility & fluidity of the spinal vertebrae & stabilise the shoulders & pelvis. Proven to reduce back pain, creating a longer stronger physique & helping prevent injury in other exercises.

Yoga has the added spiritual level, focusing on moving with mindfulness, cultivating a meditative state. Yoga creates more flexibility in the joints, muscles and connective tissue, detoxifies and massages the internal organs. It is a much broader discipline, and can be considered a lifestyle.

YogaPilates is the perfect blend of both, helping you slow down and connect the mind to the body for optimal mental health & maximum muscle contraction. Beginning the class with gently waking up the body, moving through some stronger Pilates exercises with plenty of options for all levels of ability, and finishing with some classic yoga flows & a closing relaxation to leave participants feeling calm.

Where & what to expect from a Corporate Yoga & Pilates Class

Your initial programme can be specifically tailored to the physical needs of your staff; people who spend the majority of the day sitting at a computer or standing at a till for example.

  1. Our highly experienced teachers can come into your workspace, we’ll provide everything, you just provide the space.
  2. We can also run classes from our studios on Western Road if space is an issue.
  3. Since Covid-19 we have had great success moving our corporate clients online. Many of them have opted to keep running classes online to facilitate staff working partially from home. With this we also provide the option of sending recordings to employees who may not be able to make the live class for various reasons.
  4. Classes are 60 minutes long, you’ll need to wear comfortable clothes you can move freely in, bare feet or socks.

Why your company needs a weekly Yoga & Pilates class

Practicing Yoga or Pilates with colleagues is a great way to build connections and foster a happier and more successful work environment. Given the current pandemic it’s more important than ever to look after your staff's health and well-being. Online classes can be a great way to help staff stay connected while working from home. Plus healthy staff have more energy, are more focused, productive and tend to be more cooperative and upbeat.

Research shows us the role that regular exercise and mindfulness play in improving all-around employee performance:

  • Improve concentration, productivity & mood
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reduce mental stress, physical tension & back pain
  • Learn stress management & mindfulness techniques
  • Combat / prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Strengthen core, back, leg & arm muscles
  • Socialise & network with co-workers
  • Exercise without getting too sweaty


"Síofra's yoga classes not only offer you a sense of well-being in the short term but I have also found them super beneficial to me in the long term. I suffer from travel/motion sickness and in Síofra's class she taught me breathing techniques that I now use whenever I feel myself getting travel sick or even anxious and it really helps to stop it. I used to try all sorts but this has proved to be by far the most effective! I couldn't recommend her classes enough, it offers just the right level of challenge so after the class you can walk away feeling happy with yourself."

Kerrie Baggs - Senior Consultant, Southdowns Environmental Consultants Ltd, Lewes

“The opportunity to do yoga on your lunch break... I have never done yoga before and when this opportunity came up I thought I must give it a try. It has been so enjoyable learning how to relax and destress with simple but effective yoga poses, moves that to start with seemed impossible now flow and make sense. Siofra brings a calm but structured class making it easy to follow for all abilities, I thought I would feel uncomfortable but the way the class is led makes you feel you are in a safe space with no judgement... it is not every day you get to do a downward-facing dog next to your boss...

I would recommend this to all for boosting work friendships and morale around the office. I look forward to each week and pushing myself to try new things."

Michaela Pope, UHY Hacker Young, Hove

“Since taking yoga classes, I feel much more flexible and it’s really improved my posture. If I’ve been having a stressful morning at work, I feel much more relaxed and focused after the lunchtime class. I think that Siofra is a great teacher and would definitely recommend her classes.”

Claire Kelly, UHY Hacker Young, Hove

“I had never considered trying Yoga and was very apprehensive about trying it. I had nothing to worry about though as Siofra is a great teacher who is calm and welcoming. I now look forward to my weekly Yoga class, afterwards I always feel relaxed and destressed and a little more flexible!”

James Januszczak, UHY Hacker Young, Hove


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