Aromatherapy Massage in Brighton and Hove

An aromatherapy massage is a healing art that uses essential oils of aromatic trees, plants, and flowers together with massage to promote the health of the body and the serenity of the mind. We carefully select and combine oils that are catered to your needs.

AromaStones - 60-minute luxury hot stone massage with aromatherapy. Specifically blended just for you. Deeply relaxing, warming, and revitalising!

Aromatherapy Massage - An effective, relaxing treatment that combines pure essential oils and therapeutic massage to enhance health and well-being.

Call 01273 710855 to book, or use the links below to book online.

When you book online, it is free, easy & takes a few minutes. You can book from the comfort of your own home or from your office at the time that suits you.

  1. Click the link: Book my Aromatherapy Massage
  2. Then click “MY INFO” where you can log in or set up your new account.
  3. Then select your aromatherapy massage. It’s easy! 🙂