Pregnancy Massage

pregnancy massage

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£45 1 hour

Available 7 days a week

Alicia, Louise, Robert or Michelle

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Pregnancy massage is available 7 days a week with appointments until 8-9pm making it easy to book at a time that suits you

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Customer Reviews

  • “Alicia is a great therapist. She combines deep pressure with gentleness making it an effective yet relaxing treatment” Maria, Brighton
  • “The best treatment I have ever had” Christian, Hove
  • “I had a full body massage with Ellie and it was amazing! She worked deeply on all my tense and knotty areas but it was still very relaxing! I now come to her every month!” Sophie elliott, advertisement
  • “I have had a problem with my shoulder and neck for a few years because of a car accident. After a few treatments with Alicia I could notice the difference and after few more sessions the problem was gone! Thank you” Peter, Oakfield

Sophie elliott 25, advertisement

Pregnancy massage at Revitalise in Brighton & Hove

Pregnancy massage at Revitalise in Brighton & Hove can be enjoyed from 12 weeks of pregnancy onwards.

Positions can be modified to ensure the experience is comfortable, and muscles can still be worked on to prevent and ease muscular tension, reduce stress, improve posture and aid relaxation.

Shiatsu and Reflexology are also extremely effective and comfortable to receive during pregnancy and can help to maintain balance throughout the body as it changes through the stages of pregnancy as well as address any specific issues. Please ensure you inform reception you are pregnant so we can book you in with a suitable & experienced pregnancy massage therapist.

Our experienced pregnancy massage therapists will modify positions and tailor the massage to any needs you have so you can relax knowing you are in safe hands.


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Revitalise in Brighton & Hove offers every different type of massage & is open 7 days a week.  You can either click on any of the massage categories for more information or if you know which massage you would like, just click on the book here button above.  One of the reception team at Revitalise in Brighton & Hove will be waiting for your booking.  Other massage categories available at Revitalise in Brighton & Hove are listed below :

“I didn’t think it would be possible to receive such a relaxing and effective massage without lying on my front. Pregnancy massage has relieved the discomfort in my lower back and tension in my shoulders no end” – Amanda Neill, 37, paramedic